The Atena Platform (Automated Testing Environment for Network Applications) is a platform for the perceptual measurement of the Quality of Experience (QoE) and the Quality of Service (QoS) of telecommunications services and IP networks. Designed for providers, IT managers, and system integrators, it lets them proactively monitor QoE/S. Atena can also be a business opportunity in a time when the increase in users working from home means that quality has become a binding obligation and the demand for QoE has increased exponentially. IT technicians will be able to offer customers QoE assessment as a consulting service. The Atena platform has two components: Atena manager and Atena BOT.

atena schema

Atena manager

icone atena manager 1

Atena Manager

The platform component available as a cloud service following the Saas model and is used via a web interface.

Atena Manager:

icone atena manager 1
OManages the remote BOTs that carry out the tests
icone atena manager 2
Collects the results reported by the individual bots
icone atena manager 3
Displays the graphs of the collected results
icone atena manager 4
Displays monitoring dashboards
icone atena manager 5
Generates logs and exports collected data


Atena BOT

Atena BOT is a hardware appliance with proprietary firmware that executes tests and active measures based on test plans (TP) configured by the user through the graphical interface of the Atena Manager.



Atena BOT Lite

The BOT has a web configuration interface used for:

icone atena manager 1
The networking of the device
icone atena manager 1
Capturing pcap traces for passive on-the-fly analysis. The Atena BOT executes tests through a copper ethernet interface (1Gbps) or through a WiFi interface (2.4GHz/5GHz)

The active measurement patters used by the Atena BOTS are classified in two categories:

Full-Mesh Tests

Full-mesh tests require another peer BOT; one BOT acts as a "server" while the other acts as a "client".
Examples of full-mesh tests supported by the platform are:

  • VoIP test (with MOS calculation through POLQA)
  • MTU Path test
  • BTC test (Bulk Transfer Capacity)
  • ICMP test between BOTs
  • Jitter Path test
  • FTP test

External Target

External target tests utilized a web service outside the platform itself (e.g. a web server, a DNS server, etc.).

Examples of full-mesh tests supported by the platform are:

  • ICMP test
  • Traceroute test
  • HTTP test
  • DNS test
  • Netflix Streaming test
  • TCP Streaming Continuity Index test