Automated Testing Environment for Network Applications

“Testing the internet experience”

With Atena you can constantly measure the QoE and QoS of your IT services and anticipate any issues that could affect customer loyalty.


Who is it aimed at?

IT manager

To analyze and even anticipate possible issues related to working from home.

ISP technical managers

To monitor the quality of their service and offer QoE assessment as a consulting service

System integrators

To analyze and anticipate issues before they affect the user and their customer loyalty, offering an advanced professional service

Marketing managers for IT companies

To evaluate customer satisfaction or to outline strategies based on QoE and increase revenue from customers

Use Cases

Cases in which Atena is the solution for objectively measuring your network and services!


Internal VoIP network


The users of the internal VoIP service of the company subjectively report to the IT manager low quality of the VoIP/voice service. Analysis of the service through passive probes and other monitoring...


Proactive monitoring

The VoIP application (e.g the IP Centrex of an ISP, the iPBX of a company) sometimes stops and the alarm systems do not send messages (e.g. SNMP) to the NOC indicating that that the VoIP platform is...

VoIP contact center

Business Critical

An increase in the number of calls that do not reach an operator is not highlighted by the existing systems (passive probes, etc.). Possible reduction of quality on a contact center-type platform...



Customers working from home subjectively report low voice quality in their daily use of the company softphone. The context of a non-monitored network makes it hard/complicated to pinpoint the cause...


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Now that the increase in users working from home has made networks and IT services more critical than ever, the measure of QoE is both an important tool for increasing customer satisfaction and a new business opportunity.

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